Term Dates and Timetable


New Classes Starting In September at Ellison Studios

Monday - Pre-School

Mini Movers 

2.00pm till 2.45pm

Thursday - Musicals & Movies  5.30pm till 6.15pm

Thursday - Introduction to Contemporary 

6.15pm till 7.00pm

Thursday - Adult Ballet Class

7.00pm till 8.00pm

Thursday - Adult Tap Class

8.15pm till 9.15pm


If you would like futrther information on any of our new classes starting on

Monday 9th September in our purpose built studio

please use our contact page or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Term Opens


Our new term opens on Monday 9th September 2020.

For a free trial taster class please contact us for further information.

Term Dates and Timetable


Below you will find the current dates and timetable for all locations. 

Autumn Term 2019: Monday 9th September - Saturday 14th December (Closed for Half-Term Monday 28th October - Saturday 2nd November inclusive)


Spring Term 2020 : Monday 6th January -Saturday 4th April (closed for half term Monday 17th February - Saturday 22nd February inclusive)


Summer Term 2020 : Monday 20th April - Saturday 11th July (closed for half term Monday 25th May - Saturday 30th June inclusive)

Please note : Closed on Bank Holiday Friday 6th May 2020 (following goverment guidlines this year the bank holiday is on the Friday to coincide with 75th Anniversary of VE Day)





You can download a PDF version of the timetable by clicking HERE


Monday – Ellison Studios – Miss J/Miss Danielle

2.00pm  Pre-School - Mini Movers

2.45pm  Finish

3.45pm  Pre-Primary Ballet

4.30pm  Primary Ballet

5.15pm  Grade Two Tap

5.45pm  Grade Three Modern

6.30pm  Grade Five Ballet

7.15pm  Pointe Work

7.45pm  Grade Six Ballet 

8.30pm  Major Ballet

9.30pm Finish


Tuesday – Ellison Studios – Miss J

4.00pm  Private Lesson or Exam Coaching Class

4.30pm  Private Lesson or Exam Coaching Class

5.00pm  Private Lesson or Exam Coaching Class

5.30pm  Grade Three Tap

6.15pm  Grade Four Modern

7.00pm  Limbering

7.45pm  Grade Four Tap

8.30pm  Grade Five Modern

9.15pm  Grade Five Tap

10.00pm  Finish


Wednesday – St Peters – Kinver – Miss J

4.00pm  Grade Three Ballet

4.45pm  Grade Four Ballet

5.30pm  Grade Five Ballet

6.15pm  Finish


Wednesday – Ellison Studios – Miss J

7.00pm  Grade Six Modern

7.45pm  Grade Six Tap

8.30pm  Intermediate Modern

9.15pm  Advanced One Tap

10.00pm Finish



Thursday – Ellison Studios – Miss J

10.00am  Adult Ballet (One Hour)

11.15am  Adult Tap (One Hour)


Thursday - Ellison Studios - Miss Danielle

5.30pm  Musicals & Movies

6.15pm  Introduction to Contemporary

7.00pm Adult Ballet (One Hour)

8.15pm  Adult Tap (One Hour)

9.15  Finish


Thursday – Foley - Kinver - Miss J

3.45pm  Pre-Primary Ballet

4.30pm  Primary Ballet

5.15pm  Grade One Ballet

6.00pm  Grade Two Ballet

6.45pm  Grade Three Modern

7.30pm  Grade Four Modern

8.15pm  Pointe Work

8.45pm  Grade Seven Ballet

9.30pm  Finish


Friday – St Peters – Kinver – Miss Danielle

4.00pm  Primary Tap

4.30pm  Grade One Modern

5.00pm  Grade One Tap

5.30pm  Grade Two Modern

6.15pm  Grade Two Tap

6.45pm  Grade Three Tap

7.15pm  Finish


Saturday – Ellison Studios – Miss J

9.00am    Jazz

9.45am    Grade Four Ballet

10.30am  Grade Three Ballet

11.15am  Grade Two Ballet

12.00pm  Grade One Ballet

12.45pm   Primary Ballet

1.30pm    Pre-Primary Ballet

2.15pm    Lunch

2.30 pm   Pre-School Dance

3.15pm    Pre-Primary Tap

3.45pm    Primary Modern

4.15 pm   Primary Tap

4.45pm    Grade One Modern

5.15pm    Grade One Tap

5.45pm    Grade Two Modern 

6.30pm    Finish

Sunday– Ellison Studio’s – Miss J

Classes for extra Examination coaching.