Ballet RAD


New Classes Starting In September at Ellison Studios

Monday - Pre-School

Mini Movers 

2.00pm till 2.45pm

Thursday - Musicals & Movies  5.30pm till 6.15pm

Thursday - Introduction to Contemporary 

6.15pm till 7.00pm

Thursday - Adult Ballet Class

7.00pm till 8.00pm

Thursday - Adult Tap Class

8.15pm till 9.15pm


If you would like futrther information on any of our new classes starting on

Monday 9th September in our purpose built studio

please use our contact page or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Term Opens


Our new term opens on Monday 9th September 2020.

For a free trial taster class please contact us for further information.




Pre School Dance

Is for children two and a half years old: it is a fun introduction to dance through ballet based movement.

These classes combine physical effort and mental concentration combined with free expressive movement.

Children develop self awareness and awareness of others, the ability to listen and respond, increased confidence and a sense of achievement, development of motor skills and flexibility.


Classical Ballet

We study the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus, one of the most recognised ballet societies worldwide.

In our carefully constructed classes we teach correct technique, so each child can achieve the highest standard relative to each individual’s physique and ability.

Ballet is superb for developing excellent posture, flexibility and strength. Each class requires dedication and commitment and the students thrive on this classical technique which is an excellent grounding for all other dance styles.